Thursday, February 25, 2016

thursday night update.

how is it almost friday?? we've got a busy weekend ahead of us. but let's slow down on this, even a thursday night in the year of our lord two thousand sixteen, & take stock of where we're at.


oh my gosh, crazy ex-girlfriend!! have you watched any? i had lots of initial reservations about it; the marketing was just not great, & despite the pro-feminist explanations of the show creators (which i do understand, don't get me wrong) i still find the title problematic, at the very least. in fact, i had totally written off this show & forgotten about it. but then, cultural sheep that i am, rachel bloom won a golden globe for her role as rebecca bunch, & i was totally like, "that show won a gg? maybe i'll give it a try..." & the rest is history. while crazy ex can get a little silly at times, it's also really fun & clever, & i've found myself telling pretty much everybody to watch it. 

listening to:

"kettering" by the antlers isn't a new song at all, but it's just too beautiful not to be shared:

also miike snow has a new album coming out in just a week or two, so i thought i'd share an oldie-but-goodie song of theirs that i've loved for many moons. plus i've had the happy experience of discovering that the driving beat of its opening notes often match up perfectly with my running pace. plus plus the music video is all sorts of beautiful "wtf?!"-ery (that burning deer head tho??!), so, all good things.

things to read: 

a definitive guide to emojis.

whatever happened to television's most famous couples? this one escalated quickly--& hilariously. watch out for the syndrome!

surprising facts about teenagers.

excited about:

i just bought ^ this cozy number ^ recently & i can't wait for it to land on my doorstep. a jumpsuit made out of jersey?? with a drawstring waist??! i'll be the coziest bear in all the land.

speaking of jumpsuits, i'm very, very tempted to buy ^ this one. ^

i just created a new pinterest board, full of mostly etsy goodies, where i've been pinning stuff like craaaaaaazy. so many cute things to dream of buying, so little time! look at this spoon who's just happy to be here!

miscellaneous/internet things of note:

if you're looking for the next great instagram account to follow, look no further than stephen mcmennamy (@smcmennamy). the stuff he does is so coooool. check it:

& lastly but not leastly, my wunderkind friend kathryn recently created a tumblr about japanese snacks that's almost too cute & beautiful for its own good. other than google image'd photos of tom hardy, it is the most aesthetically pleasing thing on the internet right now. someone will offer her a book deal in



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