Sunday, March 6, 2016

earlybird days of 2016.

one of norah's favorite things is riding in the cart & looking at allllll the things as we head up & down the aisles at trader joe's...but you would never know that from looking at these photos. 

here she is putting the softest, most kissable cheeks on display for all to see:

the funny things she gets up to at bathtime, i don't even know!

date night intensities:

i can't remember if i've shared this photo or not, but norah's face at brunch is all of us:

family time at the pediatrician's office:

i cannot, canNOT get over how much i love this photo. look at how cute she looks being weighed there on the table! our little diaper girl:

she insisted on checking over her health history one last time before the doctor came in:

as you can see, it was serious work:

look at that sad, tired face. tired from crying so much during shots ;( ;( ;( ;(

we don't have a pass to the children's museum of manhattan, so we only go every once in a while, but norah is obsessed:

speaking of obsessed, norah is still bringing at least one of her two best friends charles & hazel with her wherever she goes. look at how closely she clutches them! i lovvvvve that she loves them so much:

you can see them making appearances in every one of these next few photos:

the weekend that winter storm jonas hit was actually really fun. everything was shutdown & cancelled--church, the subways, all of ben's tutoring appointments, everything--so the three of us stayed in our pajamas every day until 3, ordered in or cooked dinner, took walks, played, & relaxed. it was the best ever:

norah & the snow have met before, but last time was when she was only a few weeks old & little more than a tiny parcel in our arms. this time around was, well, scarring to say the least. she was okay-ish in those first few moments we set her in the snow...

...displaying confusion yet tolerance...

...but once we lay her down in a tiny snowbank THINGS ESCALATED QUICKLY. 

we thought that maybe if ben got down in the snow with her she'd feel a little happier BUT NO:


so we headed out of there real fast & back onto the safer waters of the sidewalks near columbia...although you can still see the residual effects of the trauma on norah's little face :( we'll try the snow next year!

more from that lazy, relaxing weekend of jonas:

true story:

minnie ears we bought for norah at disneyland...wait, have i not blogged about disneyland yet??!! how has this escaped my mind???? THAT WILL BE THE NEXT THING I BLOG ABOUT

in which we look exactly 0 things alike:

sleepy sleepy babe loving relaxing on our bed after her nap:

& now i'll end with the best image i can think of--other than any image of norah: that of a young colin firth:

good night!

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