Friday, March 18, 2016

galleria magnifico, part 3.

more wonderful trips to galleries about town:

took my love & my babe back to smack mellon, which you & i & all the folks everywhere last saw on the blog here:

& a date night moment ben & i had a few weeks ago. not much better than the new whitney + dinner (not pictured, because who wants to see pictures of our food?! no one. that's who):

i'm so glad we made it to the whitney in time to see the gorgeous, amazing frank stella exhibit:


plus i was going nuts over these gorgeous lights in the stairwell:

super nintendo dreams all come to life:

right??? i want that rainbow to be in my life forever:

wall love:

flashy, sparkly, beautiful:

look at those liiiiiights

norah contemplating windows, buildings, & general urbanity at the moma:

(all while being warm & cozy in her snowsuit, of course)
(& rocking the one pair of shoes she owns, because man, kid's shoes are ex-pen-sive & those little feet grow so fast!)

moma also serving up some trompe-l'oeil stair realism:

& feeling some serious #housegoals at the morgan library & museum:


not gonna lie, ben, you took one gorgeous photo here. but then again--it seems like it would be almost impossible to take a bad photo in such a pretty place:



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