Saturday, March 5, 2016

norah turns ONE!

if norah's first birthday party was any indication of how much time & effort i'll put into any of her birthday parties, then i think i'm setting her & any other children we may have up (heaven help us/#notpregnant) for a lifetime of low-key celebration. 

yep, we kept expectations spectacularly low around here. a playdate at a friend's house with several of norah's little friends in attendance, & a spread of norah's favorite foods for everyone to share. string cheese, veggie sticks, trader joe's cinnamon schoolbook cookies & some mini cupcakes (don't worry, i made sure all of the food we brought was niiiiiice & processed).

but look how much funnnnn she was having!


& of course it must be remembered that norah's only one, & so young as to not remember any of this, so i comfort myself with the fact that i have many birthday party planning practice ahead of me before they'll count, ie she's actually old enough to remember them. 


(if you want a different mom who will throw creative & beautifully pinterest-worthy bashes for you, norah, it's not too late! i know of several women who have no problem letting everyone on instagram know just how much time they put into planning their kids' birthday parties ;))

but no more of that now. these next few photos are just the absolute best--i think they perfectly capture norah's sweet, fun, crazy personality. 

also dying at her "I AM ONE" onesie--it's from the gap & i can't even remember now if i found it online or in the store. all i know is i saw it a few months before norah's first birthday & thought, "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS" & then waited patiently until her birthday to finally dress her in it. has there ever been a more literal onesie in the history of childwear?

& now the search is on to find an "I AM TWO" onesie...


  1. Haha no one remembers their first birthday party. I think you're fine.

  2. Also I can't believe she's one already! SOOOO precious!



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