Tuesday, April 12, 2016

a disneyland christmas.

it was really a no brainer that we make our way to disneyland sometime during one of our trips to ben's parents' house. they only live about an hour away! so when we went for christmas last year, we were like, we've got a kid who might just be old enough to enjoy it + it's not far + norah can get in for free = a trip to disneyland it is!

here's another equation about that day: disneyland at christmas!! - crazy holiday theme park crowds + access to dole whip x norah in minnie mouse ears = perfection.

plus that "1st visit" pin that's almost as large as norah's head <3 <3

the trials & travails of getting an eleven month old to pose for ONE DANG PHOTO IN FRONT OF THE CASTLE, part 1:



so then we tried having her stand in between us while we held her hands?

ear slippage happened:

but at least one of us was having fun:

we were like, maybe tickling her stomach will work??

so we went back to holding her, & finally this happened:


we calmed down after all the photo attempting shenanigans with a bottle & snuggles:

(& let's not forget norah's perennial favorite, the touching of the lips)

(& let's not forget norah's other favorite, the pulling of the hair)

one of the first orders of the day? take norah on some norah-sized rides. 

she was a little like, "okay, okay, i'm still getting the hang of this, but show me more"

"i'm intrigued," her face says:

here's the whole crew (we went with my cousin lauren & her husband andrew & basically it was the best decision of all the decisions)

no other words are needed for this shot of lauren, andrew & i on splash mountain:

normally ben & i would take turns watching norah while the other went on the rides with lauren & andrew, but ben & i did manage to ditch norah once & go on the indiana jones ride together:

& here we are on said indie ride:

so much laughter!! it wasn't fake laughter at all!!!1!!!1

adventures in selfie stick-ing:

we went on "it's a small world" towards the end of the day, but i wish we had done it FIRST THING IN THE MORNING because then we would have known just how insanely much norah would love it, & then we'd have all day long to ride it again & again & again to witness her priceless, sweet reaction.

you guys. neither ben NOR i were emotionally prepared for JUST how excited & in awe norah would be during "small world." "small world" rocked norah's world. ROCKED IT. please for you to notice just how far back her head is in this photo:

she couldn't look at things fast enough:

look at how excited she was! looooook!

here we were on our way into the ride. my heart just breaks with the cuteness of her face:

you guys, i'm bummed because i have all this cute footage of norah with her mouth WIDE open taking in "small world," but i can't figure out how to make the videos work on the blog. so just...imagine it? or check my instagram!


norah was actually allowed to go on that one ride where the trippy, brightly-colored teacups spin around violently, which boggles the mind:

squad squad squad

thanks for a great day, disneyland!

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