Wednesday, April 13, 2016

am i almost caught up?

first up, let's start with the time I SAW BILLY JOEL AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN! thanks again for the tickets, benny boo. & now, here's a photo of him (billy, not benny) where he's all blown out from the white lights & only one centimeter tall!

almost of equal importance, however, was the treasured period of time when cadbury eggs lined the aisles of every duane reade & rite aid from here to south ferry:

shh my babies, shhhhhhh:

this snapchat explains itself:

have i already posted this photo...?

these two little loves!!!

i love staying a few steps behind these two & just watching them (like a creeper):

photos like this one, where ben's struggling to rearrange norah in his arms, crack me up & remind me that babies are basically like miniature humans that we just, i dunno, carry around with us places:

& these other photos, wherein ben continues to struggle:


sorry guys my heart is melted it's officially gone bye:

& now, a quick round of snapchats i screenshat:

i love, love, LOVE norah right after she wakes up from naps. my heart just explodes:

& we're back with your regularly scheduled programming!

whale whale whale, looks like we're at the natural history museum:

seeing these photos makes me miss my no-bangs hair...WHY DO I GO BACK & FORTH & BACK & FORTH ON BANGS ALL THE TIME?!

case in point, because later that exact same day we were at the natural history museum, guess what i got?


i could stare at these next few photos of norah's face forever. FOREVER. the way her bangs fall across her forehead. the way her bonnet frames her cheeks. her delightful little pointed chin. the way her bright eyes crease up like little half moons when she smiles. her bottom teeth making an appearance. ALL OF IT!  

ben creepin'

i keep this screenshot in my phone & ponder it in my heart regularly:

heavenly glow:

norah serving up some serious #eyelash goals:

another snapchat screenshot where i'm like, "have i posted this one before?"

norah's huge huge grin in these!

tunnel vision:

in conclusion, how about another round of snapchats i screenshat!

ben & i saw the crucible! maybe not my favorite production of it, but ben & i had a really interesting conversation on the way home about what constitutes modern-day witch hunts:

finishing up the new york city half marathon a couple of sundays ago. i had a really fun time running it, & i'll stop talking about running now:

oh--one more little thing about running to say, look who came all the way down to south ferry to meet up with me at the finish line! okay. done now.

& finally, a photo of my two loves <3

good night!



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