Monday, April 4, 2016

galleria magnifico, part 4.

more visits to galleries, more amazing photos that aren't amazing because of the talent of the photographer but because of the amazing nature of the artwork being photographed.

don't these look like photographs of the ocean? well they're not...they're PAINTINGS!

i'm obsessed. these paintings are so gorgeous, & now i'm kicking myself because i didn't back up to get a photo of any of the works in their entirety--most of them were gigantic, spanning entire walls & taking up the entire gallery. beautiful. i'd hang one of these in my home in a heartbeat. A HEARTBEAT.

i mean look at thattttt:

two chainz:

snap crackle pop (look at sweet ben & norah!)

i hate my pose in this one, but the artwork is cool, so i decided to keep it (#toughdecisions):

this artist printed out various photos of the moon from google images. so interesting how they all skew different colors--red, orange, blue, even purple:

just to give you some wonderful & hilarious context of this picture, someone walked up right behind me when i was taking it so ben was totally dying, like full-on "get me OUT of here" mode:

those dramatic slants of light! i love them:

what's that you said? you want more photos of the moon?

what's that you said? you want even more of the moon stuff?

no one was behind me when i took this picture of the two of them, so the general vibe of the photo is sooooo much more relaxed, phew:

did any ladies in your church knit those ACE bandages out of that tiny, fine yarn? ACE bandages that would then go in care packages along with a toothbrush, a little bar of soap, & whatnot? (or maybe YOU were that knitter in your ward? alas, i've been taught to knit pretty much seven different times at various youth activities growing up, but i never kept it up after that first night of learning it, so the skill never stuck) 

anyway, this giant web at the cooper hewitt seemed to be basically made out of those ACE bandages, which was cool:

(maybe this exhibit was made by some of those church ladies??? ;))

i kept saying, "i feel like i'm in the inside of a biology book!"

& if you want to see a spotlight on just how much postpartum hair loss i had, feast your eyes on these next few pups:

reflecting at a gallery on the UES:

i'm detail-oriented that the crookedness of this photo is really bothering me, but i'm in enough of a rush that i'm gonna let it does that make me not truly as detail-oriented as i say i am??

more cool reflections: corinne & i were on opposite sides of the room:

& that's all for now!


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