Friday, April 15, 2016

succulent tee.

just some photos from a few fridays ago:

making a break for the street:

this face of hers!! i want to give her all of the smooches:

i think she's looking a lot like ben in these closer-up ones. anyone else agree with me??

i mean stop it with norah's little succulent tee:

big bright eyes!! <3 <3

an audience:

these two. have i mentioned just how hard i third-wheel whenever i'm with them??

i love this photo of norah. with her mouth open & her hands like that, mid-motion, it looks like she's right in the middle of a speech or something:

so i apologize for these next few because they're all basically the same & some are even blurry, but i loved all of them & wanted to save them for...i dunno, posterity or whatever. I JUST LIKE THESE PICTURES, OKAY?!

sweetest one on the sidewalks, this one:


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