Tuesday, May 31, 2016

one month later.

I REALIZE IT'S BEEN ONE MONTH SINCE I LAST BLOGGED, so this'll be just a smattering of random photos from our lives from the last little while:

^^ i love this photo of us^^ & i love this photo of the two of them:

a few family photos after church:

this closeup needed to happen:

plus i couldn't NOT include this one of norah & mike (our good friend/the guy who took the above photos). look at the way she's smiling at him. adorable!

just call me j.j. abrams with all this lens flare i'm doing:

this photo is super old but i don't think i've ever included it in a blog post, so here it is. look at that face she's making! it slays me:

someone was a little tired-eyed pup after her bath:

this photo wouldn't have been incredibly exceptional in any way except LOOK AT THAT EMOJI ART I DID:

here's how norah greeted ben after he was in tennessee science-ing for a week <3 <3 <3

& here are a few more photos from another little photoshoot we did after church. i love this first one of us both looking at the camera:


photoshoots in our sunday finest are fun to do when we actually make it to church. most sundays it's more like this:

matching blues in the park:


norah's body is doing so many weird things in this photo:

how pretty are these next few photos? thanks for taking them while i positioned norah, corinne!

seven feminists walk into an elevator...

i went to dinner with several of the absolute coolest women i know to celebrate shauna's 50th birthday & all i got was this really cool instax photo below (+ a very happy belly full of delicious pizza, + interesting conversation, + amazing homemake chocolate cake after, + more hours of interesting conversation over said cake...so yeah, it was v. great).

how cute is shauna?? love her:

we met up with ben right after his successful thesis defense & partied/grabbed food/took photos/looked slightly confused & uninterested (well, that last one was pretty much just norah).

late afternoon park gazing:

we went for a family walk to grant's tomb & ben, in just suuuuuch cute typical ben fashion, brought his laptop to do a little work if there was any downtime. allow me to stress again HOW VERY BEN FRANDSEN that was of him:

shades of blue, chambray, & aquamarine:

we took a day trip to new haven to visit friends (he's working on a ph.d. at yale) & were like, who knew there's a beach there??!!

the way her arm is resting on the stroller handle, i cannot:

in very, VERY important news, BEN & I SAW HAMILTON:

i told ben wayyy back at the beginning of november that the ONLY thing i wanted for christmas was hamilton tickets, & the guy did not disappoint: he found tickets on stubhub for...wait for it...$150!!! what??! those suckers normally go for like nine hundred bucks!! i mean, the tickets were for april, a full six months away, but for hamilton, we were willing to be patient. (okay, so back in november, april felt like ages & ages away, a full eternity, & some days it felt like it was never going to come, especially when it felt like we had friends going to see it right & left & we were like, the very last two people in manhattan who hadn't seen it, but lo & behold, april 27th finally came).

can you feel our crazy, fan-fueled joy just radiating out of this photo??! we basically just squeezed each other's hands & freaked out on the inside the ENTIRE time.

our patience paid off. ALL OF OUR FRIENDS WERE THERE:

our last trip to the natural history museum. i love the way norah's almost absentmindedly fingering my necklace:

sad tidings after a visit to the pediatrician's office :(

& another one taken by corinne. this is a good one:

Sunday, May 1, 2016

sunday night update.

listening to

meg baird is an artist i (not literally) stumbled upon recently, & i'm really loving pretty much everything of hers. doesn't this song take you right to appalachia?


i'm not sure i can say enough words about my great love for this video. i had pulled up another video on youtube when this video below popped up as the ad beforehand (those are usually so annoying, right?? i kinda hate them). anyway, after five seconds youtube kindly gave me the option to skip the rest of the ad & continue on to the video i had wanted to watch, but i was already so struck by the video of what was on my screen that i watched the rest of it. AND THEN I WATCHED IT TWO MORE TIMES. it's just so, so incredibly beautiful. do yourself a favor & watch it:


totally appropriate responses to unsolicited parenting advice. "actually, this is my twentieth child."

100% i'd do this with norah.

one artist's depiction of various pop culture icons. really awesome.

the inside of movie star's homes during hollywood's golden age. another really awesome one. i mean, sophia loren's villa!

prince harry, hot royal, woke feminist.

happy sunday night!


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