Sunday, May 1, 2016

sunday night update.

listening to

meg baird is an artist i (not literally) stumbled upon recently, & i'm really loving pretty much everything of hers. doesn't this song take you right to appalachia?


i'm not sure i can say enough words about my great love for this video. i had pulled up another video on youtube when this video below popped up as the ad beforehand (those are usually so annoying, right?? i kinda hate them). anyway, after five seconds youtube kindly gave me the option to skip the rest of the ad & continue on to the video i had wanted to watch, but i was already so struck by the video of what was on my screen that i watched the rest of it. AND THEN I WATCHED IT TWO MORE TIMES. it's just so, so incredibly beautiful. do yourself a favor & watch it:


totally appropriate responses to unsolicited parenting advice. "actually, this is my twentieth child."

100% i'd do this with norah.

one artist's depiction of various pop culture icons. really awesome.

the inside of movie star's homes during hollywood's golden age. another really awesome one. i mean, sophia loren's villa!

prince harry, hot royal, woke feminist.

happy sunday night!

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