Thursday, June 2, 2016

babes on the highline.

there was a week there where norah & i had a string o' visits to the highline...& by a "string" i mean just two visits to the highline, actually, but still, it was fun going back-to-back days with different friends. the highline is nice because norah can just walk & walk & walk to her little heart's content & i don't have to worry about her running off into the street:

norah & agnes, the sweetest of friends:

THAT SIZE DIFFERENCE THOUGH (they're 3 months apart but still, norah's kind of a beast, size-wise)

it was so hard getting these two in the same photo together--they were like little pinballs, bouncing back & forth in opposite directions down the entire highline:

this struggling attempt at getting them to hug:

oh ABE <3 <3 <3

there was a "marimekko for target" advertising thing going on while we were at the highline so they had little bits of merchandise & products scattered along the way. look at these three in the tent! almost makes me want to buy some markmekko for target stuff:

another day, another highline trip: this time with megan & maggie! it's possible we love them entirely too much:

we had them sit down on a bench for a little photoshoot & a series of hilarious/cute/funny faces ensued (i mean, SEE MAGGIE'S FACE ABOVE <3)

these next few photos featuring the combination of norah's joy & maggie's concern:

bahahahaha this one is just so great:

& off they go!

sweetest little bear profile:

highline ennui (happens to the best of us)

basically a german romantic:

luckily she overcame it & felt a renewed zest for/love of life:

forced hugs for the win!!!!1!!!!11!

we love our new york city friends!

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